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The other day, I watched a wonderful movie that reminded me of the importance of using our imaginations. It was called The Magic of Belle Island.

A crotchety old author moved to the Island to drink away the rest of his days in bitterness and disappointment His neighbors, a newly divorced mother and her three daughters changed all of that for him. His impact on their lives was powerful as well.

One of the girls had a vivid imagination, but she was not aware of her gift. She wanted to learn from the author how to tell a story. He reluctantly became her mentor. And as often happens, the teacher becomes the student. They both learned from each other about life, love and how to tell a story. It was very inspiring.

One of the great joys of my life is painting and telling stories to go with the paintings. I love to imagine different scenes that reside outside of my view. I can spin a tale about unseen places and get away from the cares of the world for a few moments. In my psychological practice, I took that one step further and created Transcendent Art.

The process of Transcendent Art takes imagination. The process involves a copy of one of my original paintings accompanied by audio specific to each painting. The audio acts as a guided tour through and beyond the painting to that which is not visible on the canvas but is in the imagination. Transcendence to a state of well being is the ultimate goal, using guided imagery and deep breathing techicniques. it was one of the ways I was able to teach my patients how to return themselves to a state of well being when they were anxious , depressed or experiencing panic attacks.

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